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Name : Kate
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Location : Manchester
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Date of Birth : 13th December 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hello, I'm Kate a cosplay, fangirl, general geek from Manchester/Derbyshire.

Cosplay Bio

I've always loved dressing up, but only in 2007/8 did I learn about cosplay, and started to cosplay at my first con! It was loads of fun and I've been doing it ever since, going to kitacon every year and find any reason to cosplay. The only downside I find to cosplaying is the amount of money it cost, but its totally worth it for the outcome! ^_^ My favourite cosplay has to have been my Seras Victoria cosplay, it was one of my first cosplays, done at my first con and I made her cannon and was damn proud! That cosplay made it to a few more cons, but unfortunately my cannon started to brake and die and I cba to keep fixing it got the bucket! Still I'm uber excited about the many cosplay ideas I have for many more cons! >_<


Drawing / Designing / Playing video games / Roleplaying / Knitting / Sewing / Fanfiction / Baking/ Cooking / Cosplay / Studio Ghibli / Sherlock / Kingdom Hearts / C.O.D / Bioshock / Sleeping / PJs / Eating / Walking / Dressing up / Films / Anime / Manga / Cuddles / Friends