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Name : Chloe
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Location : London
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 30th November 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

My names Chloe, Im 27 and i live in London, Im a full time worker but spend all my spare time working on and creating cosplay outfits for the London MCM Expo Event and Hyper Japan! Id attend sooo many more if i actually had the time!!!

I practice my sewing and dress making skills in my spare time so i will eventually be making cosplay professionally :)

I also Run a Youtube Channel, im a game commentator, so if your interested heres the link, most vis are also linked to my twitter :)

Cosplay Bio

Ive been cosplaying now for apporx 7 years on and off, and i love every minute of it! My fave type of cosplay is anthing with a big dress or wings!! They are a tackle to make but thats just what makes them all the more fun:)Any thing Final Fantasy is definate opportunity for me to make , i love the costumes to pieces!

Anyway check out my pics to see a few of what i ahv made and ill keep you updated on whats yet to come :)