Personal Information

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Name : Cassi
Location : Sheffield
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 2nd December 1983
Age : 33

Personal Bio

Im a chef, working for Wagamama, which takes up most of my life! Other than that I love going out dancing, drinking and generally making a fool of myself. I live in Sheffield although Im originally from Cambridge. I love cosplay but I can never find the time to watch anime anymore, so if you have a good costume idea for me please let me know! Cosplays with glasses are my favourite, because then I can wear mine!

Cosplay Bio

I love making and wearing cosplays but as I have mentioned I dont get a lot of time to watch anime so I mainly wear costumes my friends want me to do/people suggest to me! I mainly like to dress as the 'tall, moody one' and cosplays with long black hair and glasses are my faves! So easy! Cosplay is the closest I ever get to art, but with my skill limited Im mainly just a rather good clothes horse! Oh well!