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Name : Billie
Website :
Location : Hull
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 23rd July 1996
Age : 20

Personal Bio

i love photography,art based things,drawing&writing ((non anime and anime things))
my life right now is mostly based around my cosplays and course work for my art course.But I try to keeep after school open and weekends so I can socialise with friends :)
Im mostly on tumblr now, facebook is getting really boring and such so ^^
Right now im into Homestuck,I HAVE NO FAVES!! i love all of the characters, but if I had to choose Id pick Eridan.((My name explains why :3)
I like Harry potter,homestuck,anime,gaming,stuff like that :)

Cosplay Bio

I love cosplaying~even though I dont do it allot :3
Ive been into it since like early 2010 but only started like mid 2011 cause of lack of friends who also cosplay :3 I tend to go for male characters cause there earier to do, and i SUCK at caring for long wigs ~ but I will do girls sometimes...just not allot :3

one of the main reasons I love cosplaying is because I meet so many awsome people from it, everyone is friendly and likes pretty much the same things :D

Ill be going to Alcon 2012 so look out for me >W<

Contact Information

well Im on tumblr ~eridensmagicwand ^^
you can reach me on deviantART ~ spoofaloo-chan
ummm my facebook is Billie Hollingworth (len kagamine)
My SKYpe is
I dont really belong to any communities... ;A;


cosplay / anime / Homestuck / gaming / writing fanfictions and drawing fanart / photgraphy / MoThErFuCkInG MiRiCaLs :0)