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Name : Kyra
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Location : Virginia, USA
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Personal Bio

Hi! My name is Kyra and I'm an American cosplayer with far too much time to kill during school, hence why I decided to make an account here c: I love the sense of community that comes with cosplay and how you can walk up to just about anybody at a con and make friends immediately, which usually isn't the easiest thing for me to do. In addition to my cosplaying adventures, I run cross country and am on a fantastic FIRST Robotics team. I'm hoping to go to college for some kind of engineering (probably nuclear, mechanical, biomedical, or biomechanical) and really enjoy my science classes...except for chemistry ._. When I have time, I love reading and am currently obsessed with the Nightrunners series by Lynn Flewelling, as well as the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. I'm a total Lord of the Rings and Star Wars dork and have a talent for embarassing myself when they come up in conversation by spewing out random facts about them. So basically I'm a huge geek c: I'm friendly and when I'm on here, usually bored, so feel free to strike up a conversation if you want to!

Cosplay Bio

I got into cosplay a few years ago and my first attempt was an unmitigated disaster (cough CLOSET COSPLAY cough), but I picked it up again last summer when my mom offered to take some friends and I to Otakon. As my funds were limited, I could only make one costume, so I decided to redo Sabaku no Temari from Naruto Shippuuden (the first version was the aforementioned half-assed disaster). I'm really proud of this costume and it was a pretty good success at both cons, so I hope to take it to a third and possibly more c: One of my proudest moments was being stopped by people in the hallways and being called "the best Temari I've ever seen!" Also, I love my fan and had a lot of fun derping around with it to gain attention :P

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Cure username: cosplayinghats (nickname Hats)


Horses / Kingdom Hearts / Star Wars / Disney / Books / Reading / Running / Cross Country