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Name : Georgi
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Location : Manchester
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Date of Birth : 9th July 1984
Age : 32

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Can't be bothered... then why don't I leave this bit empty?!
Watching: Michiko To Hatchin
Reading: Vagabond
Listening: Judas Priest
Dancing to:
Drawing: Relic Fanart

I hate saying more than is ever necessary but, I'm not anti-social, I just appreciate silence.

Cosplay Bio

Cosplay had played a bigger part in my clothes making than I actually realised. I've always been interested in making clothes since I was very little. But this only blossomed when I decided to study fashion at college. The clothes I made were always anime and manga inspired. A lot of the clothes I made were eveningwear inspired by dirty pair, very easy to get away with as I went to alternative clubs and the idea is to be different. Cosplay only really started when I met friends who were willing to dress up on hallowe'en and eventually I met one of my best friends (ballet shoes) who was also interested in cosplay!

My Ultimate cosplaying projects will be Makie from Blade of the Immortal (worried about this one as I need to make her shamisen and spear and also cram my long hair into a short wig!) and Revy from Black Lagoon, which will involve a 6month long program at the gym to tone up for her!

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Drawing and painting / making clothes / reading / writing / day dreaming / dressing up / dancing / not working