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Name : Sou
Website : http://www.youtube.com/user/WelcomeToVelfarre
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My name is Sou (AKA Soup). I'm a huge VOCALOID nerd. My favourite animes are Free!, Ouran High School Host Club, Uta no Prince-sama, and Angel Beats! I'm a dancer and I frequently perform at anime conventions.

Cons [possibly] Attending (2016):
Midlands MCM
Birmingham MCM March
Hyper Japan Summer Festival
Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con
Birmingham MCM November

Cons Attended:
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2009 (Sunday)
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2010 (Sunday)
Midlands MCM 2011
London MCM October 2011 (Saturday)
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2011 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2012
Birmingham MCM March 2012
London MCM May 2012 (Saturday & Sunday)
Hyper Japan Christmas 2012 (Saturday)
Birmingham MCM March 2013 (Saturday)
London MCM May 2013 (Saturday)
Manchester MCM 2013
London MCM October 2013 (Saturday)
Birmingham MCM November 2013 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2014
Huddersfield Manga Con 2014
Birmingham MCM March 2014 (Saturday)
London MCM May 2014 (Saturday)
Yorkshire Cosplay Con 6/2014
J-Con 7/2014 (Saturday)
Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014 (Friday and Saturday)
Birmingham MCM November 2014 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2015
Birmingham MCM March 2015 (Saturday)
Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7/April 2015
J-Con 8/2015
Birmingham MCM November 2015
Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015 (Saturday)

Cosplay Bio

I remember really liking the outfits that some of the characters in anime wore but I wasn't actually aware that people dressed up as these characters until I came across some videos by Fighting Dreamers Pro and probably some other cosplayers when I was randomly browsing YouTube one day. I then started to look things up online and eventually discovered a convention in my area.

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http://www.invisiwilly.tumblr.com/ (Main)
http://www.welcometovelfarre.tumblr.com/ (Dance/Cosplay)



Moving? | Regarding G=AGE's disbandment and the status of my blog etc.

Wed, 24 May 2017 17:49:02 GMT

So, hi lol.

My last post on this blog was posted in October of last year, around the time that a group who I'm sure anyone who knows me knows are very dear to my heart - G=AGE - "disappeared". Meaning they started cancelling events, their social media accounts weren't being updated, and there were some questionable rumours as to why this was happening being circulated.

Since then - on the very last day of December to be precise - it was announced via a blog post by member, TASY that G=AGE had disbanded. I will go into more details about this later; I do plan to make a kind of "farewell" post for this group which will include information about what the members are doing now, links to their new social media accounts and such. But the purpose of this post is to explain where I've been and what I plan to do now.

Since - as I mentioned before - G=AGE were very dear to my heart, them disbanding (and also suddenly disappearing before that) was a little upsetting to me. They were my favourite Jpop group so not being able to be their fan anymore kind of made me lose my enthusiam for Jpop in general and I wasn't really following any groups. My love of Jpop has been slowly coming back little by little now though, and I want to continue blogging. However, with a few changes.

As much as I love LiveJournal, it's pretty old and outdated. Many times in the past when I've tried to make a blog post, I'd get frustrated when I'd typed up a whole post, only to have something happen causing the post to mess up in some way or another so I have to do the whole thing again or spend hours editing it. I had considered moving to Blogspot multiple times, but thought there was not much point as I already had so many posts on here. Since my "hiatus" I've now decided to move to Blogspot but this blog will remain up. I may even decide to post the old little thing on here occasionally that doesn't belong on my main blog.

This new blog will have more of a focus on male idol groups in particular as that's where my passion lies. I've always been somewhat frustrated at the lack of popularity of male idol groups (besides Johnny's groups) amoung non-Japanese fans which mainly comes down to the fact that many non-Japanese fans just simply aren't aware of these groups. I've always taken it upon myself to promote these groups and translate things for overseas fans when I can.

As for the status of my G=AGE community, maybe I'll turn into a general Jpop boy group community. We'll see how it goes.

So, the link to my new blog is here: www.dansei-idol-girl.blogspot.co.uk. I hope to see you there!



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