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Name : Sou
Website : http://www.youtube.com/user/WelcomeToVelfarre
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My name is Sou (AKA Soup). I'm a huge VOCALOID nerd. My favourite animes are Free!, Ouran High School Host Club, Uta no Prince-sama, and Angel Beats! I'm a dancer and I frequently perform at anime conventions.

Cons [possibly] Attending (2016):
Midlands MCM
Birmingham MCM March
Hyper Japan Summer Festival
Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con
Birmingham MCM November

Cons Attended:
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2009 (Sunday)
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2010 (Sunday)
Midlands MCM 2011
London MCM October 2011 (Saturday)
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2011 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2012
Birmingham MCM March 2012
London MCM May 2012 (Saturday & Sunday)
Hyper Japan Christmas 2012 (Saturday)
Birmingham MCM March 2013 (Saturday)
London MCM May 2013 (Saturday)
Manchester MCM 2013
London MCM October 2013 (Saturday)
Birmingham MCM November 2013 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2014
Huddersfield Manga Con 2014
Birmingham MCM March 2014 (Saturday)
London MCM May 2014 (Saturday)
Yorkshire Cosplay Con 6/2014
J-Con 7/2014 (Saturday)
Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014 (Friday and Saturday)
Birmingham MCM November 2014 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2015
Birmingham MCM March 2015 (Saturday)
Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7/April 2015
J-Con 8/2015
Birmingham MCM November 2015
Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015 (Saturday)

Cosplay Bio

I remember really liking the outfits that some of the characters in anime wore but I wasn't actually aware that people dressed up as these characters until I came across some videos by Fighting Dreamers Pro and probably some other cosplayers when I was randomly browsing YouTube one day. I then started to look things up online and eventually discovered a convention in my area.

Contact Information

http://www.invisiwilly.tumblr.com/ (Main)
http://www.welcometovelfarre.tumblr.com/ (Dance/Cosplay)



Monthly G=AGE Update (October 2016)

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 12:40:02 GMT

This month got off to a good start with a successful performance by G=AGE at Girls Award for the second time but then things kinda went downhill really fast. There have been a number of unusual occurrences surrounding the group over the past month which has lead to concerns of the group's possible disbandment from fans. There has still been no official word of the group's status given but fans are starting to speculate that if they don't return by the end of the month, then G=AGE is unfortunately done for. Nevertheless, here's a rundown of what's been happening starting from late last month.

Things started off fine with the first Twitter update from G-BOY'S leader, TAKANORI on September 28th. On the following day, G=AGE's Halloween Concert that was set to be held on October 30th was announced.

On the first day of the month, G-BOY'S member, TAKUMI made his modeling debut in the magazine, Popteen. I was happy for him since I remember him saying in one of the Ikemen Election videos that that was what he wanted to do! On the same day, G=AGE's performance at Girls Award was announced.

For the next few days things were pretty normal, albeit a little quiter than unusual. MAHIRO turned 15 on the 4th and all that was posted was one tweet by TASY. It striked me as a bit odd that MAHIRO didn't make a blog post about his birthday and none of the other members did either (as opposed to FUMITO's birthday last month where there several tweets, blog posts, and even a Twitcast). There were also a few hints about G=AGE's second single, "Ijigen DRIVER" posted.

The following day, the announcement was made that copies of "Ijigen DRIVER" (with special exclusive bonuses) would be available to pre-order at Girls Award. The track list for "Ijigen DRIVER" was also released.

On the 8th finally came Girls Award. The group performed "Age of Future" and "Ijigen DRIVER". All of the G-BOY'S members were also present (including the 3 new members) but Cain was strangely absent. The performance seemed to have gone well though (a fan filmed Age of Future which you can watch here) and the members seemed pretty lively in the video that was released on the Girls Award Twitter account after the performance. MAHIRO was just too adorable in that video, I don't think I've ever seen him smile so much before! And the way he was puffing his cheeks out, too cute.

GirlsAward bye bye.gif

Later, rumours started circulating that a certain member of Johnny's Jr. by the name of Abe Aran was seen at Girls Award talking to G=AGE's officials. It seems that this wasn't the first time this had happened and apparently G=AGE's agency were trying to "steal" him from Johnny's.

On the 10th, a preview image of the "Ijigen DRIVER" MV was posted and the 3 new members of G-BOY'S - REO, TSUKASA, and KAZUMA were introduced.

Things started to get especially strange after that. The Twitter account and blogs weren't being updated at all. TASY turned 18 on the 13th and there wasn't even a single tweet.

Then came a very abrupt announcement on the 14th that G=AGE's performance at an event called the Rindo Festival that was scheduled for the following day was cancelled. No reason for the sudden cancellation was given and fans began to worry.

On the 16th it was announced that the Halloween Concert was also cancelled and refunds for people who had already bought tickets were issued. Since then, all of the official G=AGE online accounts have been completely silent. Many supposed reasons have been given by fans for the group's sudden disapperance though they're unconfirmed rumours so I won't post all the details here but basically it has to do with money issues and a certain scandal involving the agency. If anyone wants to know the full details then they can message me or something.

On the 19th, G-BOY'S members, HIROYUKI and SHO were seen in Harajuku by a fan and they were supposedly wearing uniforms. Things were relatively quiet then until the 26th when G-BOY'S member, YU-TO was also seen by a fan. Later the same day it became apparent that he'd quit the agency and opened up his own Twitter account. Through YU-TO's Twitter account, SHO's was also found, confirming that he'd also quit; leading fans to speculate that the two are planning some kind of new project together.

Well, this month's update was a lot more brief than previous month's for obvious reasons. I really hope that this is just a little bump in the road and G=AGE aren't actually going to disband. Though with some of the things I've heard, I do unfortunately think that their disbandment is very likely. Whatever happens, I just want to continue supporting all of the members.

It's a shame that YU-TO and SHO have quit too; YU-TO was one of my favourite G-BOY'S members. I'm happy that they've opened Twitter accounts though; I'm excited for whatever it is the two of them are planning to do from now on.



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