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Name : Sarah
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Location : Doncaster
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Date of Birth : 5th May 1995
Age : 19

Personal Bio

Hullo. C: I'm your friendly neighbourhood Touhou-loving derpy.

Sooo... I'm still kinda a noob to the cosplaying world but I guess I should nom nom some of the community spirit. Because I like communities. And spirits. And nomming.

I'm more of a language obsessive than anything else, but the chance to start cosplaying was just something I couldn't resist alongside learning Japanese.

Personality-wise, I'd say I'm pretty insane around my friends and anyone who will listen. I've got a good sense of humour, and seriously do love crazy-talking with other crazies. I love new friends but I suck at being the first to talk. T-T
I'm OCD-ish beyond belief. I like this site because it means I can carry on being OCD-ish for a while, writing up loads of rubbish until my face explodes.

Well, there's a basic run-through. I'm lazy and unattentative so I don't feel like doing any more. So I won't. Oh wait, what's this other box down here..? I'll just...

Cosplay Bio

Oh.. Wh-what? Oh no, ANOTHER box?!

Weeeeeeellllllllllll...... I ain't been into cosplaying for very long. In actual fact, I kinda shunned it thinking everyone wouldn't approve, but after the awesome reaction I got when I dared go to my first cosplay convention, I think I just developed a kinda path in life to do more with it.

*Cosplay Mew Mew Zakuro and feel good about it. XD
*Cosplay as many Touhou characters as humanely possible.

Most of my cosplays are still in planning stages, and probably will be for years to come. I love writing things down and being too organised for my own good. C: So some cosplay plans may be chilling on my profile for years until I get round to them! xD

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anime / drawing / singing / signing / writing / dancing / guitar / keyboard / rollercoasters / photography / languages / fishies / fire / space flowers / spaaaaaaaaaaaaceeeeeeeeeeee / planes / travelling / calligraphy / touhou / rubbers