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Name : Colzy
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Location : Hampshire, England
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Date of Birth : 22nd November 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I'm Colzy, 24 and from Farnborough =)

Love making new friends, meeting new people and generally having a laugh =)
Bit obvious but i'm a bit of geek ♥ Love video games, anime, music, comics & of course cosplay.

Cosplay Bio

I first heard about Cosplay at the start of 2007 which was when I saw my first anime, I loved the look of it but never thought i'd do it myself. Then when I decided to go to my first expo thought I may as well go in cosplay and so I did. Costume wasn't all that tbh lool but I had such a great time it didn't really matter =) Ive been cosplaying ever since! I have cosplay to thank for many amazing memories and loads of crazy ass people who I just couldn't live without XD

I mostly cosplay as characters from Video Games such as Final Fantasy and Anime characters =) I normally only ever cosplay as someone that I love ^^ I don't see the point in cosplaying as someone you know nothing about...its not as fun in my opinion and I have to have that love to inspire me to make the costume!

I normally make my own costumes now as I prefer to =) though I have bought costumes in the past and if I feel like something is too difficult for me to make I don't mind buying. I deffinetly have nothing against people who choose to buy rather than make as long as your honest about it!! At the end of the day I cosplay for fun and to enjoy doing it with friends ^^ Anything else is just a bonus!

Contact Information

I am a regular user of Facebook but only add people I know/speak to or have met in person =)



Video Games / Anime / Cosplay / Music / Mass Effect / The Boondock Saints / Animals / Socializing / Final Fantasy / Reading / Bioshock / Marvel Comics / Movies / True Blood / The Walking Dead / Lady Gaga / Dragon Age / Assassins Creed / Photography