Personal Information

Name : Britt
Location : Reading, UK
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Okay well, I'm rubbish at bios and introductions, so here goes :s -
I'm Sunny-D on here ( usual name around the web - this or Sunnii-D) but my real name is Britt. I'm a gamer, I like drawing, writing and singing and I've been an anime fan since I was little, but I've particularly started getting back into it in the last few of years or so.
I live in Reading so it would be great to get to know some other cosplayers in the area, as well as other cosplayers in general!
- I'm always willing to talk to anyone new, you can just drop me a message.
I like to think I'm a friendly person - shy at first but I hope to change this! :)

Cosplay Bio

Been juggling with cosplay alongside my studies for a couple of years now but still learning lots and lots of new stuff!


cosplay / gaming / art / drawing / anime / manga / music / singing / writing / netball / food / Steins;Gate / Durarara!! / Tsuritama / Lucky Star / Hetalia / Studio Ghibli / Mass Effect / Dragon Age / Fallout / Persona / and a ton of other stuff