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Name : Britt
Location : Reading, UK
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Personal Bio

Okay well, I'm rubbish at bios and introductions, so here goes :s -
I'm Sunny-D on here ( usual name around the web - this or Sunnii-D) but my real name is Britt. I'm a gamer, I like drawing, writing and singing and I've been an anime fan since I was little, but I've particularly started getting back into it in the last couple of years or so.
I'm new to cosplay but I've been thinking about starting for sometime now. I live in Reading so it would be great to get to know some other cosplayers in the area, as well as other cosplayers in general!
- I'm always willing to talk to anyone new, you can just drop me a message.
I like to think I'm a friendly person - shy at first but once I get comfortable with somebody I can talk for ages. :)

Cosplay Bio

Relatively new to cosplay - started about a year ago - but I absolutely love it and it's fast become my favourite hobby (: I just can't wait to get better at making stuff! (and props, oh the props)


cosplay / gaming / art / drawing / anime / manga / music / singing / writing / netball / food / Steins;Gate / Durarara!! / Tsuritama / Lucky Star / Hetalia / Studio Ghibli / Mass Effect / Dragon Age / Fallout / Persona / and a ton of other stuff