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Name : Shellidio
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Location : Blackpool
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I am Shelle aka Shellidio aka Young Shinigami Grell.
I like cosplaying and going to conventions, I am part of KuroShitService our Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) spoof channel, I also do a lot of drawing, writing and making costumes so I keep myself busy.
I'm not normal in the slightest but who is?

If you want to take a look at KuroShitService then its here:
Here is the devart for us:

You can also check out my cosplays/art/fanfiction at deviantart here:

Cosplay Bio

I have always been interested in cosplay, most of my childhood was spent rummaging through a dressing up box and becoming someone else so this is pretty much a lifestyle now ^ ^

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Vampires / Kuroshitsuji / Cosplay / Musical etc etc. pretty much everything