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Name : Ryan
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Location : Redditch
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 3rd July 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hey im ryan
Commonly mistaken for a chav :P
Too nice for my own good most of the time, Girls love to be treated like shit but thats not something i can live by or do. Hopes a girl who likes being treated like there the only one that matters comes into my life instead of the crazy nutters i seem to attract :S
Really just a massive geek who loves meeting over geeks to nerd out with <3
Studying programming at college, Bit of a sleeper course but i get to facebook/forum most of the day so its not all bad.
Loves watching foreign cinema! Oldboy, Confessions, Battle royal, The chaser, Switch blade romance. Anything horribly disgusting yet well thought out ill love :D
My car is my baby <3 Starlet GT turbo Japanese import. 220bhp MONSTER, Has had more mods than i can list. Power to weight ratio makes it shit all over Scoobys and BMWs.
Having a dirty skank to drum and base and dubstep is the best, gets me moving and dancing like im possessed by mr jackson
Amsterdamn is the best place in the world other than my bed, Smoking copious about cannabis and laughing with my friends is something ill never deny.

Cosplay Bio

Planning sasuke at chunin exam for Kitacon 2012 and midlands MCM expo
Also planning Rock-lee and Green/white ranger when im prepared to spend £150 on the helmet on ebay :P


Anime / Manga / Films / Cars / Dnb / Starwars / World of warcraft.