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Name : Jenny
Location : Scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 13th July 1994
Age : 22

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i can't be bothered describing myself so here have some stuff i like

;; homestuck, lord of the rings, k-pop, anime, manga, cOSPLAYYYY, singing, writing, poetry (o ye romantic heart me, doin' it for the ladies), pokemon, glowythings, japan (bordering on the unhealthy obsession), j-pop, j-rock, just plain normal english language music, ORANGES oh my god i love oranges, sherlock holmes, doctor who, the avengers, the joker (ffffff), dancing like an absolute fanny, ok there are too many fandoms to mention here so they're going down there, just go look already geez

fandoms;; homestuck, sherlock holmes (uk > us), lord of the rings, doctor who, the avengers, blue exorcist, .hack, alice in the country of hearts, bleach, kuroshitsuji, pokemon, star trek, tegami bachi, death note, psyren, durarara!!, heroes, genkishen, bluh bluh bluh


p.s. quite honestly i'm a friendly person so would you just message me already?? i'm hip, you're hip, let's just do this thing and be moirails ok

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skype: renolovian