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Name : Mousie
Location : CT, USA
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Personal Bio

I am a long time fan of the Sailor Moon manga, anime and musicals. I am quite friendly and enjoy making friends unless you attempt "free hugs" "glomping" or anything else that invades my personal space without asking. Love to travel and do it often, trying to get to Japan at least once every 2 years. Yes, I actually was in Tokyo for several performances of Sera Myu and it was amazing. I worked for Walt Disney World in entertainment performing in parades and shows for several years and I doubt my love for the company will ever die.

Cosplay Bio

I have only been cosplaying since Sept 2007 and still hardly know how to use a sewing machine. I can hand sew almost as fast as a machine, though. My expertise? Hand beading trim on Sera Myu Senshi fuku skirts. Not knowing what to do and mostly as a joke, my first cosplay ever was Luna from the Gaiden Sera Myu. Yup, boob circles and all. I was hot. Nice to have a love of Hotaru since her wig is extremely easy to cut. My favorite character to cosplay is Sailor Moon / Tsukino Usagi. She's so much fun!


Disney / cooking / Japan / Sailor Moon / Sera Myu / PGSM / collecting Sailor Moon (I need more space again)