Personal Information

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Name : Jennifer
Location : Camarthenshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 4th June 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

I'm overqualified, underpaid and a perpetual student.

I'm currently on the final part of a dissertation at Masters level and simultaneously working on becoming a qualified typist.

I restore BJD in my spare time (HA), cosplay and other such things.

Username used to be "silver-vixi".

Cosplay Bio

I swas really introduced to cosplaying about a decade ago when my friend at school showed me a whole new world of geekery.

I created my first cosplay age 17 (gosh that was a long time ago!) and have been hooked ever since.

That being said, although I enjoy cosplay circumstances haven't been kind, money has been tight and jobs some times disappear, which for a few years at least, stilted my cosplay ambitions!

However, I am now significantly more stable and enjoying experimenting with a whole range of new techniques! I love trying new methods, they may not make it to being a cosplay, but I love the experimenting and doing!

At the moment I am being pulled increasingly towards creature cosplay and creation. I'm currently working on a number of creature costumes incorporating a variety of techniques and challenges - stilts, working with resin, wefts and fur, armour too!

My favourite cosplay has to be Alice the Rabbit, she's a stilted cosplay and she was contructed at a time where my boyfriend and I were at a low, no jobs, very little income and we used her as a kind of therepy!

She was impressive to look at and we took her to a couple of masquerades, including entering the Eurocosplay at Ayacon (which resulted in the design being revised over and over again!). Unfortunately, the materials I used for the suit were low quality and the body suit is no more! I have kept the head and other accessories and the stilts are in perfect working order - although we are working on Mark 2s!


gaming / FFXI / manga / anime / action anime / shoujo / shounen / re-enactment / shounen-ai / Yaoi