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Name : Phoebe
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Location : London
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th September 1996
Age : 20

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I've been interested in cosplay for around 4-5 years, I started cosplaying 3 years ago, but officially started making my own last year.

I became an anime/manga addict after watching Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, I started to teach myself Japanese, and here I am now. I don't tend to watch a lot of anime anymore, but I do tend to get phases of certain games/anime/whatever.

I'm a self taught when it comes to sewing (?) [Is that grammatically correct?]
I really enjoy making props! I'm not so good at styling wigs >_> but I'm good at doing makeup. I'm still a cosplay amateur but I'm trying my best to improve!

To begin with I used to be really shy when going to conventions, but through the years, I've branched out and I've made loads of new friends. I'm always willing to join new groups, since I'm a little stuck on what to cosplay on!

I tend to opt for quite *ahem* small (although not all the time)happy, cheery, hyper characters. But I don't let that restrict me from doing a completely different character. I feel that cosplay should be done well if you are going to attempt it, but I don't think body shapes/personalities should prevent you from doing so.

Cosplay <3

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Dragon Age / Bioware / Lemons / Alpacas / Sherlock / Cosplay / Anime/Manga / Asia / 2NE1 / Florence and the Machine / Lana Del Rey / Gotye / Kimbra / Erutan / Disney / Ukulele / Amnesia: Dark Descent / Fable / Eternal Sonata / Soul Calibur / Kingdom Hearts / Mass Effect / Harvest Moon / Super Mario / Dead or Alive / MMORPGs / Beautiful Katamari / Skyrim / Final Fantasy / Legend Of Zelda / Gaming / Music / Cosmetics / Cooking.