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Name : Victoria
Location : Dorset, Uk
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th February 1997
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Well, My top Fave thing is Anime/Manga of course and Cosplay come's second, I never knew any proper Anime cosplayers in the uk due to location so i looked up some sites and found this one and well joined! :) lol

I love drawing Manga and i've started up my own Manga, I also love creative writing so i try to update as much as possible on Fanfiction I'm known as Yumiko0Roth16 on there so feel free to check out my storie's.

I'm a mega AMV Lover as well as Vocaloid, Yaoi and Pandora Heart's (Jack!) I'm always on the computer in the week when i've finshed with school, I go out a lot on weekend's though lol. Erm i'm also a fan of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel don't worry i'm not werid i just like to have some sort of adventure in life :)
I love playing on gaming system's and watching walktroughs on thing's like Alice madness returns, Pheonix Wright and Apollo Justice, Princess Debut D.S, Batman: Arkham Ayslum and City and other's.
I'm currently working on my Art GCSE's and hope to get a good grade at graduration. I love to post thing's on my youtube account as well, And to watch either Reality thing's, Anime Episode's, Cosplay, How to's and other's/such.

Er i don't know if this is nessesary but it might help people understand me better, I have Asburger's Syndrome (A Type Of Autsim) and that's why i'm sort of strange and confusing :( ..

I also love Those Anime Dating Sim's and Visual Novel's two fave companys would be Hanako Games and SpikyCaterpiller, Oh and i love bleach the anime/manga lol

Cosplay Bio

I'm sort of new when it come's to cosplay, I really enjoy looking at other's costume's and watching people have fun in character at con's (Y.T Vid's)

I hav'nt been to a convention yet But hope to go in 2012 persuming the world does'nt end lol Just kidding, I really do hope to go to one and meet some friend's i've met on here. Cosplay as become a big part you could say.
I guess an item i own you can refer most to as cosplay would proberly be my Naruto hidden leaf headband 0.0


Anime / Manga / Sailor Moon / Tokyo Mew Mew / Alice In Wonderland / Teen Titans / Bleach / Naruto / Hellsing / Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni / Kuroshitsuji / Strawberry Panic / Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito / Hidden Object Pc Games / Harry Potter / Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantacy / Vampire Knight / Youtube / Facebook / Msn / Bakugan Battle Brawlers / Fushigi Yuugi / Ouran High School Host Club / FullMetal Alchemist / Spider Riders / Japan / Rosario X Vampire / Black Lagoon / Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorny / Apollo Justice: Ace Attorny / Hayte The Compact Butler / Lucky Star / Haruhi Suzamiya / Drawing / Art / Okane Ga Nai / Loveless / Paradora Hearts / Vocaloid