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Name : Daniel
Location : London & Mainz (Germany)
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th October 1981
Age : 35

Personal Bio

Systems Engineering and International Business graduated. Trying to settle in this new continent. I come from the Darkest Peru and hablo espanol. Besides anime I enjoy videogames, reading (Sci-Fi and Fantasy mainly), learning languages and walking randomly for hours, getting lost in purpose in cities I don't know.

Some facts about me:

I'm atheist, but I pray whenever I need help.
I'm optimist, but I'm scared about my future.
I like to celebrate birthdays, but not mine.
I forget my friends' birthdays, but I would like to remember them.
I remember my birthday, but I would like to foget it.
I'm an slacker, but I like to work hard.
I'm honest, but a compulsive liar.
I believe in free competition, but I don't like to compete.
I believe in capitalism, although I'm poor.
I love my family, but I love living away from them.
I don't like writing emails, but I like to read them.
I'm shy, but I like talking about my private life.
I like talking about my private life, but not about my public life.
I like talking on the phone, but I don't like answering it.

Cosplay Bio

At the moment I'm no more than a cosplayer wannabe. I plan to do my first cosplay next year (2009) for any event I could go. I got especially interested after assisting the London Expo in May 08. It was the first time I saw cosplaying, since in the country where I come from there are no such events :(

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cosplay / films / gaming / sci-fi / anime / megamisama / Dragon Ball / Evangelion / Escaflowne / Nausicaa / Kenshin / Saber Marionette / El-Hazard