Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Louise
Location : Scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th August 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

I'm Louise.
I'm a chubby,seventeen year old with brown hair and green eyes.
I'm really nice if you get to know me but until then I'm impossibly shy and quiet...and nervous...T^T

Always been interested in anime.
Mother's not a big supporter of anime, manga video games etc
I've not be able to grow anime-wise because of that.

Cosplay Bio

I have yet to cosplay.
Yet....It does interest me greatly.
If all goes weeellll, my first cosplay will be in August.
Very nerous about it, hopefully not to many people stare >.<

I currently have two cosplay collages on my wall.
To keep me inspired ^.^


Anime / Manga / Video-Games / Reading / Sleeping / Music / Baking / Wi-Fit