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Name : Matt
Location : Stafford
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Personal Bio

Hi! I've been a fan of Japanese culture for about 13 years now, my first experience with it was watching Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon and Digimon as a child. That interest blossomed over the years, thanks to several people and now I watch anime, I read manga, I cosplay and I listen to Japanese music. I'm also learning Japanese. I do like non-Japanese things too; I like science fiction, comics/graphic novels, films and swimming. I love a lot of music and am not too fussy about genre as long as it has some power behind it. However, I do prefer to listen to metal, rock, dubstep and J-rock. I also mix music occasionally and have done some DJ sets before.

But yeah, I'm easy to chat to and if you want my Facebook/MSN, just ask :)

Cosplay Bio

I've been cosplaying on and off since 2009 but have only recently started to take it seriously (since I now have a job and can actually afford more materials). My first cosplay was Reno at Waterstones Re:Con back in January 2009, which kicked off my interest in cosplay as it allowed me to have fun with people and to meet new friends (many of the people I met that day are still very good friends of mine). That interest kind of died down whilst I was at university as I had very little money to be able to put aside for it.

After going to MCM Expo in London in May 2011, my interest in cosplay kicked back up when I bought an Organisation XIII robe and had a damn good time. I'm making every effort to go to as many cons and to cosplay as much as possible now.


Anime / Japan / music / video games