Personal Information

Name : Sophie
Location : London
Date of Birth : 26th March 1982
Age : 35

Personal Bio

I'm 29, studying a history degree on the Open Uni. I love the past and hope to become an archeologist sometime in the future. I love to crossdress. As a boy i'm fairly shy and reclusive, but the female side of me is fun, flirty and optimistic!
My current love is all things lolita! Everything about it makes me feel happy, contented and pretty (even if i'm really not! lol). I hope to share my passions with like-minded people, and maybe even find a special girl who likes my frills! hehe ^-^

Cosplay Bio

I'm new to cosplaying, but willing to learn. My costumes will mostly be sweet lolita with some gothic, but i'll be willing to try most female costumes!


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films / gaming / history / reading / lolita / seaside / sci-fi / pink / hello kitty / Baby the Stars Shine Bright / shopping / star trek / bows