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Name : Alina
Location : United Kingdom
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Personal Bio

Originally from Kazakhstan but I have been living in the UK for over four years now. I study Creative Computing in Goldsmiths University of London and really LOVE it there. :D
I am a self learnt photographer, started this hobby when I moved to England and have been practicing ever since. Usually I like to do landscape and natural photography (even managed to earn some credit with my panoramic pictures), however recently that my interests are strongly turning towards Animation and Art I started trying myself out in cosplay and themed photo shoots. Even though I have yet so much to learn I am happy I do it and never miss an opportunity.

Obviously I have infinite amount of interests and double the amount of things I like! Among them Photography, Animation, Comic book Art, Languages, Fashion Design and Clothing Making, Vast range of types of Music are things I love the most.

My most favorite
Manga/Series: One Piece, Slam Dunk, Vagabond, Real, FullMetal Alchemist, Bakuman, Blade of the Immortal, Death Note, Baccano, DuRaRaRaRa!!, Samurai Champloo, Fairy Tail, Gantz, Dorohedoro, Katekyo Hitman REBORN, Naruto, Bleach, Nana, Gokinjou Monogatari, Tenshi nanka Janai, Paradise Kiss, Beck, Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, Beelzebub

Anime: Sword of the Stranger, Cowboy Bebop, Sumer Wars, Ghibli studio and the list keeps growing!

Cosplay Bio

Me and my little brother started going to Anime EXPOs 2 years ago and we are trying not to miss any ever since!! :)
This year on the MCM expo in london, we've tried ourselves in a proper cosplay for the first time! And it was very successful!
Now we are even more fired-up about cosplaying and photography! :D


History / Mythology / Astronomy / Japan / Animation / Manga / Photography / Mountaineering / Artistic people / Music / Cinema / Snow / Travel / COSPLAY!