Personal Information

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Name : Emma
Location : Oxford
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 7th December 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

I'm a medical student with a slight X-Men obsession. Storm's my favourite but I've never felt I could do her justice. So I've done some Rogue, Jean Grey, Emma Frost and Polaris to compensate. I'm a Marvel girl at heart but ended up dabbling in a bit of DC with Batman: The Pantomime which was an OULES show I was the Riddler in. 'Twas great fun :-D
I'm a regular at Rock Karaoke and the Oxford Uni Light Entertainment Society which does comedy shows and pantomime for charity. Currently in my fifth year so having difficulty finding time for sewing :-(

Cosplay Bio

Cosplay sort of started by accident from my love of the X-Men one Halloween and now it's sort of becoming a thing. I've met load of lovely people through it and I love meeting up with them at cons :-)


Neuroscience / Rock Music / Jazz / Blues / Playing the Trombone / Cycling / Reading (especially Jules Verne / John Steinbeck / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Truman Capote) / Sherlock Holmes / House / Bones / Rodents / Dolls' Houses / X-MEN! / Writing / Photography / Guitar Hero.