Personal Information

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Name : Amy
Location : Hemel Hempstead
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 18th October 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Hi! I'm a student living in Hemel Hempstead (Yes, the place that blew up). I'm very interested in Theatre, on or off-stage, and the dubious art of textiles and design. I blow what pitiful amounts of money i have on manga, useless merchandise, cheap films and chinese food. This could be remedied by me gettigna job, but i'm far too busy (Lazy) for that!

Cosplay Bio

Oddly enough, the first Anime i came to own was Gravitation. It was the first series i'd ever watched properly (IE, not dubbed, not forced to) and my interest has sparked from there; Cosplay is perhaps a natural progression in that sort of interest. First time i cosplayed was in May 2007 as an incredibly thrown together Tohma Seguchi. Then, determined to actually give it a go, the following July i knocked up a pretty good Dead Leaves cosplay. Since then i have developed a serious interest in the technicalities of making costumes, trying to find ways to make things look athentic and seeing it all come together. There are so many projects i intend to get started on after all my exams are finished.


Theatre / Textiles and design / manga and western comics / Anime and western cartoons / films / languages / History / Piano