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Name : Becky
Website : http://moondupion.deviantart.com/
Location : In a box by the sea
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 13th October 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

Hyo hyo peeps

Hmmm a little about me...well I'm currently at a college doing a degree in costume. There we tend to do more historically accurate garments though they do encourage us to do things a little more unusual, props or heavily hand decorated stuff. I am still pretty much a newb when it comes to costume construction though I feel I've learnt a great deal during this course. I hope to go on to actually make costume for film or theatre or perhaps open up my own business! I'm quite passionate about the design aspect of costume and prefer to do more prop based stuff.

I love cosplay and hope to create some amazing costumes one day with the skills I've learnt.

Cosplay Bio

Due to the demands of my course I don't tend to cosplay very often and often don't know what to make most of the time. XD

I first got started into cosplay when I went to my first convention called Tokonatsu which I had lots of fun meeting new friends that had the same interests as me. From then on I have always had a love for costume in general. What I love most about cosplay besides the fact of dressing up like your favourite character is the creative side of it. It's fun trying(as well as frustrating) to figure out how a costume is made and learning new techniques along the way.


Costume / Prop-making / Drawing / Anime / Manga / Embroidery / Film / Theatre / Gaming (usually JRPGs)