Personal Information

Name : Panda
Location : Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland
Date of Birth : 22nd June 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hi everybody...
Hi Dr. Malfatto... Wait... *Syringe stab*

I hate doing these but here goes...

Im a gamer at heart and Love anything to do with Assassins creed!!1
The harlequin, Doctor, Prowler and Footpad are my faves and im hoping to Cosplay Cahin at this years london expo.

A close runner up is Red dead redemption.

Favourite Anime is... Hetalia! Top 3 would be Prussia, England and Spain.

IRL Im at college studying game design/animation which is going well at the moment i really like the concept art side of it. I love drawing and sketching too.
The thing with me is though if i sit down and try and draw something... meh it doesnt happen. However spur of the moment sketches actually work...

Thats all for now... nosy peeps ...

Cosplay Bio

Still a noob i havent actually cosplayed before ive only been the creepy stalker in the back watching... That will hopefully change however ill be the creepy stalker assassiniting your ass! Muhuhahaha!

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