Personal Information

Name : Amie
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th June 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I live in Birmingham, am 23 years old and probably was a lot more mature when I was younger than I am now XD.

I've made fantastic friends (and a boyfriend) due to cons and I am happier with myself and have become more outgoing because of them.

Cosplay Bio

I first cosplayed in September 2010 (Cissnei- FF7 Crisis Core and Lorelai - Suikoden II) and I love it!
I'm currently teaching myself to sew and hope to see an improvement as time goes by.

I also may be a bit obsessed with the Suikoden series and hope to cosplay quite a few characters from it. At the moment I'll make a more reasonable plan of at least one cosplay for each game (as of writing this - 1st August 2012 I've done 2 Suikoden 2 cosplays, 1 from the 3rd game and plan to do one from the 5th game as a big project for next year with a friend). So yeah, a warning, as my sewing improves there may be quite a few characters from this series listed on my account.

Contact Information

This is my cosplay facebook account:
Kinda empty at the moment, I need to post more on it.


Suikoden / Harry Potter / Ace Attorney / Professor Layton / Final Fantasy / Cowboy Bebop / Anime / Games / Shadow Hearts