Personal Information

personal photo
Name : jon
Location : swindon
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st February 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

hey up
im weirdhead or jon as people call me
im from swindon
fairly niave and obliviuos so basically thick
dont really have alot of selfesteam
but i make for it in imagination
im new to expo and cons and cosplay but it looks like good fun so here goes nothing
i draw a lot though im just ok not great but enjoy
i think of a ton of stories most origional some fanfic
though im a procrastinating ditz with an attention span of a retarded dustmite
so i dont write much down but i do characters
only my own i dont really like doing fanart
i am a yugioh player again ok not good but ok
though i do have a wide collection
i watch a ton of anime
i tend to get a mindset where i start on an anime and i have to go though it
i dont really read as much manga as i should
i do like it its just i find anime more interesting
thats about it guess

Cosplay Bio

i dont know what got me into cosplaying, it seemed interesting so i do it, i mean why not?


drawing yugioh and anime