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Name : MIKI
Website : http://fairymagicjungle.blogspot.com/
Location : Germany
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Personal Bio

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Call me MIKI x3
I'm 21 years old... and my Birthday is on 18.October~
My Bloodgroup is AB
Hm... I'm a really nice person I think and I will answer you any question~
I don't bite 8D

Cosplay Bio

I've started cosplaying not long ago (2006), but soon got obsessed with it.

My priority will be there all the costumes from Miki to cosplay.

My No.1 favourite Cosplay is Black Warlock [MIKI] by Mix Speaker's,Inc., No.2 is Cat Zombie and No.3 Fickle Cat.

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Cosplay / Visual Kei / Mix Speaker's Inc / D / Golden Bomber / R-shitei / NoGoD / ScReW / Music / Art / Photography / Movie / Letter Bee / Kuroshitsuji / Princess Princess / Hetalia / Pandora Hearts