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Name : Rosanna
Location : Surrey
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th March 1985
Age : 32

Personal Bio

I'm a twenty-something graduate from Surrey who really loves making things and being creative. :) I like to write a lot and read, but I have been exploring a new found passion for costuming and dressmaking lately. I live with my parents and sister (who is about to start her second year of university) and our two cats, Sam and Lucy. I can be fairly quiet but I love meeting and getting to know people, and I try to be outgoing as much as I can! I absolutely love going to events and conventions in the UK and I'm totally excited to be part of the UK cosplay scene - a field of talented, lovely and creative people. Rock on, Islanders!

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in the summer of 2006 when I was inspired to start making my first costume - San from Princess Mononoke. San is still one of my all-time favourite film characters, and I may make the battle variant of her costume at some point when I have time. :)

I still have a small cosplay gallery but I've got several things planned for next year, which should be an exciting and varied one for me and cosplay!



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silverwerecat and odangochan, you will definitely enjoy this one:

In pictures: Budgie hassles kitten to play




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