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Name : Jenn
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Location : Manchester
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Date of Birth : 31st May 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Formally known as NavigatorxNami~
I'm not so great at Bios so have some facts! I work full time in Payroll for Timpson Ltd. I have a huge soft spot for gaming, friends, comics (mainly Marvel), anime/manga/cosplay and talking!
My favourite games are any Atlus, Arc, Suda51stuff or NIS or stuff like Bioshock, Tales series, Ar Tonelico, Guilty Gear etc etc but by far PERSONA/SMT!

Anime wise anything goes my all time favourites are Ai Yazawa ones, CLAMP, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Highschool of the dead, Air Gear P&S, Bakemono, Shaman King, Outlaw Star, Karin, Tenchi and MANY MANY MANY MANY more... I find my favourite genre/types are mahou shoujo, drama/romance, ones you need to think about and good ol' shonen jump ones!

Cosplay Bio

I have been cosplaying since 2007, I've always liked anime but after seeing people dress up online I wanted to try it myself.

I'm definitely no expert, pro etc by far. I just love doing it with friends. And I'm SLOWLY improving my sewing skills.