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Name : Leanne
Website : http://yasmia.deviantart.com
Location : Dudley, UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 21st February 1990
Age : 24

Personal Bio

university graduate of law
big geek,
happy but tends to worry,
loves to make people happy,
loves her friends, family and husband very very much

Cosplay Bio

I first got interested in dressing up when i was a little girl, i discovered Cosplay when i started looking at people dressing up as video game characters on the internet when i was around 14, but first got serious about cosplay around 7 years ago; then took a a year or so out, and im back now, loving cosplay more than ever :D

My first cosplay was Summoner Yuna, unfortunatley i didnt make it, i brought it. So I guess, technically my first actual, actual cosplay was Yuna Gunner.

My proudest achievement is my Sheena costume which I wore to MCM May 2010. The bow gave me and Selph hell, but it looked kick ass afterwards =D

I'm currently working on an Ironette from the Iron Man 2 Movie for May Expo 2013. It's a cosplay I've wanted to do for a while now, but never had the confidence to do it because its a rather revealing costume. But thought seeing as my fiancé is doing Iron Man I'd give it a go.

My favourite costume to wear is my Original Halloween Shaman King Design I made for a Photoshoot at October MCM 2010. I was Pirika :)

Most stressful costume has to be Quistis. Massive thanks go to Selph and Lu for helping me so much be satisfied with this. And then when I was.. My damn sleve broke just before the masqurade... (Still need to fix that...)

I do have more cosplays than the ones here. But they're not on here for one very simple reason. They suck. :)

Although a lot of time and effort go into my cosplays, I try not to take it too seriously,because its a hobby, and hobbies should be fun!

Contact Information

Facebook - leanne.sarah@hotmail.co.uk 'Leanne Lee'


anime / manga / computer games / cosplay / conventions / friends / astronomy / astorology / gemstones / law