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Name : Kelly
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Location : London
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Personal Bio

Nothing much to say other than I work a normal job but do some freelance illustration on the side (sadly those are far and few between at ther moment), hopefully things will pick up. Other than work and cosplay I have a few personal projects as I'm hoping to make a self published comic as well as revamping my portfolio.

Personality wise I'm fairly shy (but thats temporary) but once I'm past that point I'm generally an energetic person with a wierd sense of humour.
I'm usually most active after midnight as thats when I get most peace and quiet to get on with things. I'm very clumsy and often will let my mind wander, which sadly leads to some awkward moments.

Cosplay Bio

At the moment I'm reasonably new to making cosplays and have made a couple that have turned out okay (up until this summer I couldnt sew a single stitch and now I've managed to make something that doesn't fall apart). Despite the stress that making the outfits can cause I still want to make more. I have only cosplayed a few times since I am a little self concious but once I give in I can't help but really enjoy it.

Hopefully I'll keep improving- I have a few more that I'm currently working on


Eating / sleeping / drinking........ Aside from the basics I like reading / gaming / DDR/Parapara / Anime/manga / Kendo / Making art of questionable quality XD