Personal Information

Name : Rowan
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Location : London/Birmingham
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Personal Bio

Hello... I study art and I like dressing up.

Cosplay Bio

Like many people, my interest evolved just from being a kid who liked to dress up anyway. I sort of "grew out of it" aged 15 or so, but a couple of years later my passion came back and whacked me in the face. And now I want to cosplay SO MANY THINGS, ALL THE TIME.

I really like to cosplay with friends, but unfortunately it doesn't happen very often, and I don't tend to get involved with large groups, though I'd like to do more of that recently! I go to cons often and I love to see other people's costumes, and talk to them about it. In the past I've usually exhibited my art/comics (particularly at Expo and Thought Bubble) which doesn't allow me too much time for running around in cosplay, so I'm making an effort to go to more events where I can just relax and dress up.

I'm not competitive at all. The thing I love most about cosplay is just having fun and doing the best I can.



shin megami tensei / noboyuki fukumoto / mspaint adventures / tiger and bunny / pokemon / ace attorney / mother 3 / earthbound / puella magi madoka magica / final fantasy / breaking bad / professor layton / dangan ronpa / evangelion / jojo's bizarre adventure / yogscast