Personal Information

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Name : Chloe
Location : Asgard
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 19th May 1994
Age : 19

Personal Bio

Cosplayer. Bookworm. Vegetarian. Fort Builder. Manga Obsessive. Easily Amused. Hat Wearerer. Loki'd. Crack Fox. Water Dancer. Faceless Man. Mother of Dragons. Vampire Chronicler. Baskerville. Nargles. Goblin Princess. Anime Lover. Night Owl. Time Lord. Sherlockian. Pokemon Trainer. Poncho Wearing Rockstar From Mars. Lion Tamer. Biochemistry and Genetics Student. Among many other things~ :3
(Yes this is lame and copied from Tumblr, but my old one was so bad and i'm simply too tired to write a decent bio right now. x3)

Cosplay Bio

-I am the Mummy/Candy Creeper of the Phoenix Cosplay group. We are all incredibly derpy, but in my opinion cosplay is about having fun as well as taking beautiful photos.
-I love making costumes, though I will admit that I am fairly new to it.
-Most of the characters I choose tend to be rather whimsical, or slightly insane. I'm not quite sure what that says about me..