Sailor Cadia

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Name : Grace
Location : Sunderland
Gender :   

Personal Bio

I'm a northern lass; I love anime and manga. I also enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, particularly Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Buffy and the like. Some of my favourite authors include Roald Dahl, Alfred Bester, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Daniel Keyes, J.K. Rowling etc.

I also enjoy American comics like Spider-Girl, Runaways, and Scott Pilgrim. I really enjoyed Paul Cornell's Captain Britain and the MI:13 (I should have bought the issues I know but manga has influenced my ways so I usually buy trade paperbacks).

Cosplay Bio

When I registered for my first convention (Aya '09) I realised that had the urge to cosplay! I've relied on a mix of e-Bay and family and friends who have sewing abilities up till now, but I got a sewing machine for Christmas 2010 and I am trying my hand at making things myself!


anime / manga / video games / sci-fi / fantasy / reading / American comics / cult movies / opera / musicals