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Name : Mike "Mikado"
Location : Hereford, England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 13th November 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I'm Mike better known in some circles as Thunder, KaminariThunder or (more recently) Mikado Goggles. I am 26 or am I 27? Can never remember lately, let me check the drivers license. Nope, 26 until November, apparently. I have attended a few cons, many many Expos, 2012's Kita and a Star Trek con. What else can I tell you? Oh yeah, I'm from Hereford and currently unemployed. I fill my bum days with cons, cosplay, re-enactments, D&D, LARP, Magic the Gathering, watching Anime, Wrestling and TV. Oh and I also do a spot of volunteer work for Cancer Research UK. I am their resident nuisance. I'd say I was the resident geek but fact is there's 4 geeks in our team. I have a habit of bringing the geek out in people.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying at the May MCM London Expo in 2010, although I was due to go to the October expo in 2009 as Link but shit happened that caused me to miss the event. Since then I have gotten better and learned that I'm pretty good with props and enjoy building them.

Contact Information

michael 'thunder' mcculloch - facebook
mgg-thunder cosplay.com, mcm and deviant art
KaminariThunder - gaiaonline, yahoo and project dalek

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anime / manga / cosplay / photography / gaming / writing / comic books / films / wrestling / doctor who / star wars / star trek tng / star peace / prop building / crossdressing / crossplay / amvs / yugioh tcg