Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Peter (Enma)
Location : Lanark Law village scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th March 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I am 18
I am a member of Bujikan ninjitsu
Curently unemployed
I love aanime and japanes music
I am rather easy going But shy
I love rock,punk ect
I dream of making my own manga into a movie
I am serous about(taijitsu)martial art
Hope to make new friends at the site with similar intrests
planing to go to japan in 2014

Cosplay Bio

I was intrested in cosplay when i was 11.I got interested in cosplay when i went to a convention in glasgow and saw a woman dressed as catwoman(Also someone dressed as a samurai).What i most enjoy about cosplay is that you can just about be anyone and you test your skill every time you creat somthing new.My proudest moment and achievement was finishing MY G.O.D Hiroto kimono suit (VERY hard because i hand saw)I hope to improve my skill.Any advice on inproving my skill is very welcome.


anime / manga / drawing / martial art / lerning japanes / Japanes music / reading / iaido / painting / cosplay / punk / rock / writing