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Name : Cow
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My first convention was a success. I met an awful lot of nice people and some not so nice people. But you'll get that where ever you go. My first cosplay was Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2, i was a huge fan of the game back then. SO i was pretty proud of what i had accomplished. The whole costume i made myself with the help of my mother. As her use to being a fashion designer it helped me a lot to get progress done. Since then i have been going to convetions enjoying myself with friends and meeting a lot of different people. It was nice.

Now, as the years have gone by my hobby of cosplaying has died down. I don't see or cosplay with my friends any more. I no longer wish to meet new friends, but i still talk to those who are interested in the same hobby as mine. However, i do still enjoy cosplay on my own. I still like to believe i can accomplish cosplaying alone. I was right. I succeeded. But it takes a lot more effort and energy.

It was worth it. Doing something you love, is worth your time and energy.
When cosplaying you can become that character and have fun. You can witness a different personality. It's fun.