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Name : James
Location : Santa Destroy
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 23rd June 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

I'm Currenty at college studying Games design and plan on taking this to a degree level and hopefully get a job within the industry as a designer and eventually Director. I consider myself to be pretty easy going, and Can get along with anyone (provided thet dont do anything to me or my friends XD). My Main interests consist of:

Games which I been playing and loving them my entire life (my first console was SNES). I now own all 3 current gen console and am happy to add anyone to my friends list on any console (though I dont really play Wii online much). For my 360/PS3 friends list my username for both is in my sig.

Music (both playing and listening) Although I dont get time to play alot of music at the moment I have been in a band and played a few shows which was awesome. On the listening side Im mainly into Melodic/Power/Happy Metal (pretty much anything uplifting) I also enjoy Jpop though don't really know any bands yet.

Anime - Although I have liked anime for a long time I havent really searched for any series which wasnt on TV until recently. This made the series I knew about pretty much limited to Pokemon, YU-GI-OH! and Full Metal Alchemist. Now Im looking for more online Ive been watching Fairy Tail (which I love), Loveless, Bleach and I plan on watching Soul Eater soon.

Travelling - For most of my life I have loved to travel to different countries and experience different cultures. In 2008 I travelled round the world going to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, and America (including Hawaii). From That trip I can say the the greatest country in the wolrd (in my opinion) is Japan. I loved every second i spent in Japan and now plan to try and move out there in the future.

Thats everything I can think of now, hope it wasnt too long XD

Contact Information

Skype: Sutitchi
PSN: Sutitchi



Games: / Super Mario / Mario Kart / No More Heroes 1&2 / Killer7 / Uncharted 1&2 / Bioshock / Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Wind Waker and Twilight Princess / Starwing / Resident Evil (Franchise) / Street Fighter / Anime: / Fairy Tail Yu-Gi-Oh (original series) / Pokemon / Bleach / One Peice / Loveless and Full Metal Alchemist / Music: Freedom Call / Avantasia / Edguy / Dragonforce / Angra / X Japan / Galneryus / Sonata Arctica / Black Mages / Jpop (though I don't actually know any bands specifically yet XD) / Films: / All Studio Ghibli Films / Akira / Hard Boiled / Inside Man / Resident Evil: Degeneration / Up / Toy Story / Lilo and Stitch / Wall.e / Oceans 11 / Rambo (all 4) / The Incredibles / Ratatouille / Finding Nemo / Travelling / (been to / Japan / America / Austrailia / New Zealand / Canada / Fiji / Germany / Austia / Switzerland)