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Name : Lucy
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Location : Stratford-upon-avon
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Date of Birth : 10th July 1993
Age : 23

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Hello there! I'm lucy, I live in England!

I first became interested in cosplay when I stumbled upon a sub forum about cosplaying and the rest went on from there! I have been cosplaying since September 2008 and I am not planning to stop anytime soon! I make all of my cosplays and I love the idea of dressing up as my favorite characters.

This newly found hobby lead me to study Performance Arts Design at College where I also found out my love for making props, set pieces and everything that goes into the art of putting on a performance, whether it be for Film, TV or Theatre. I then went on to study Character Creation and Technical Effects at the University Of Hertfordshire where I learnt to sculpt, mould, cast and many other different skills and traits that allow me to continue what I love doing today for a career.

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