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Name : April-Scarlett
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Location : Worcester, West Midlands UK
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Date of Birth : 29th April 1987
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Im an artist, I have a BIG fetish for pretty cakes,lolly-pops & sweetys....not eating them (althoue I like doing that)but to just look at them and admire them.

I like dyeing my hair lots of differnt colours...yay!!!

Cosplay Bio

It started out as a love of dressing up for Halloween.....when I got into anime/manga I found another world of costumes ^_^ so I dont have to wait for one day of the year anymore woooooooo!

I have Narcolepsy & sadly I havent been able to do any cosplay for some years now. But from 2010 I'v gotten a little bit better, so I will be doing more cosplay with the help of my spiffy sister and also I'v started to make my own ...huray!

Contact Information

MSN: Madaleena
HEMLOCK BOUTIQUE: ~Fabulous custom hair creations,Extensions,Wigs & falls! (My big sister)


I like Gothic & normal Comic books / Drawing (very mutch!) / Lycanthropes / Entrails / Furry art / Pirates & Space pirates / Laughing / Blood / Pin-Stripe suites / Tricorn hats / Vampires / Long haired men / Poi Poi / Anime/manga / 80's Cartoons / Highway-men / kawaii plushies / X-Box 360 Live / Sweets / Pretty cakes / Sleeping / Hobo gloves / Strippy tights / Cosplay / Faire-tales / Video games!! / Vintage / Visual Kei / Gothic Lolita...GINGERBREAD MEN ^_^