Personal Information

Name : Rani
Website : http://cyborgrani.tumblr.com/
Location : England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 19th October 1986
Age : 30

Personal Bio

I'm an artist and graphic designer, and in my free time I enjoy drawing, sewing, gaming, record collecting, browsing through Tumblr, and reading graphic novels. I'm often known online as raniwasacyborg, and I usually go by "Rani" and "CyborgRani" on my con badges. :)

Cosplay Bio

I'm quite new to cosplaying, but already I've found it addictive. I first got into it when Cathe invited me to Kitacon, and I couldn't exactly go to my first convention without at least having a go at cosplaying! Now that I know I enjoy it, I'm ready to try some more challenging costumes, so hopefully I'll be able to create some really good-looking ones soon. As for what I enjoy about it, I just really like creating things, and seeing other good cosplays.


Gaming / record collecting / steampunk / embroidery / musical theatre / science fiction / animation history / manga and Western graphic novels / collecting zines / tea