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Name : Chloe
Website :
Location : North West
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th August 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

I go online by Sealion(24681) or rocksanie.
Some may know me has Mi/Mich~

Studying in a University in Sheffield~ ;DD

My hobbies include Anime, Manga, drawing and gaming.

Koei, Natsume, Square Enix, NIS <3

Matsushita Yuya, Mr., Top Combine, the GazettE, Fei Lun Hei, Boyfriend <3

Daisuke Ono, Fukuyama Jun, Hirano Aya <3

Cosplay Bio

Always wanted to cosplay since I saw anime and people cosplaying. I also hand sew, and I procrastinate ALOT hence why most my cosplays are probably still in progress XD
My first time was in Hong Kong (ACGHK08 has Yuki Nagato), and i've been cosplaying ever since and when I can~ Although my sewing skills are very inadequate
The first convention I attended here was the Memorabilia November 09 (has Sebastian Michaelis)

Cosplays I've not added onto CosplayIsland (till they get done properly X3) -
Yuki Nagato
Ritsuka Aoyagi
Nagisa Furukawa
Light Yagami
Schoolgirl from Bleach
Rukia, Momo Hinamori and Ise



Anime / Manga / Video Games / Dynasty Warriors / Final Fantasy / Harvest Moon / Xbox 360 / Pokemon / Grand Fantasia / PS3