Personal Information

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Name : Mike
Location : Thetford.
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 19th March 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Finally getting around to doing this after god knows how long..

I'm a pretty average guy really, surviving work and family between escaping reality every few months at expos and cons. At the moment I'm working in the soul-crushing world of retail though this autumn I'm hoping to return to further education and study film production. When I'm at home I'm either researching cosplay, playing videogames, reading comics or writing.

Cosplay Bio

A friend got me introduced to cosplay about four years ago and once the hobby had it's hooks securely sunk in, there was no going back. So far I've only put together modified cosplays or purchased ones, but this year I'll be taking the dive into making my own gear. Over the past few years I've cosplayed here in the UK and over in the States and my proudest moment has got to be being on national television in the US at GenCon back in 2009 and being featured in Marvel UK's vid about LSCC '12 here at home (even if it was just a second.)