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Name : Lee
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 16th June 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hi, I'm Lee, nice to meet you all and will most likely see you all at future events :) I'm doing A levels at the moment, but will be starting my first year at uni doing Japanese Studies in september hopefully. As you can probably tell, I'm really passionate about Japan/Anime/Manga etc. I'm pretty laidback, my friends have noticed that I never get angry, can also be a bit of a fangirl/otaku but I'm not toooo OTT.

Cosplay Bio

Cosplay has recently become one of my faveourite hobbies, I have to admit. My first cosplay was as Misa last year at May Expo, which was basically a lolita and a blonde wig, but was really exciting as I'd been desperate to cosplay for over a year. But now I know what it's all about, I'm having fun trying to make the costumes myself and absoloutly love masquerade having now experienced expo main stage for the first time. I loved cosplaying as Luffy in May, my first proper cosplay in my eyes and am really excited about Mana and many others I have lined up :D

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Manga/Anime/Cosplay which you will have already guessed :) / Japanese (Culture and Language) / Salsa/Latin dance / Martial Arts / Movies (Favourites: Lordof the Rings / Avatar / Gladiator / Prince of Persia) / Reading / Fitness / Music (Metal / Gothic / Screamo / J-Rock / J-pop / Classical etc)