Personal Information

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Name : Anna
Website : http://kuroneko25.deviantart.com/
Location : Sealand~! Erm.. I mean England =3
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 4th July 1995
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Anna desu yo~!
~ I'm a red belter in Taekwondo, and no I'm not that great =w=
~ I can do basic tricks with a yoyo and can complete a rubik's cube under a minute and a half.
~ I can fold paper into stars XD
~ I looooooveee watching anime and reading manga!
~ I like MCR, if you don't, then I respect that.
~ I have loads of non-blood-related 'brothers'
~ I hate chavs. End of.
~ I love art. If I can draw anime in my art class and pass, trust me, I'd do it.
~ Yes I do have a heart and yes I do care, funnily enough.

Cosplay Bio

Went to my first con when I was 11 [Hataw Hanep Hero] back in Philippines. Saw the Akatsuki cosplayers and said I wanted to be like them. Never really cosplayed until I was 13, as L. Yes I know, generic. But I was short on money but still wanted to cosplay. Better be L than no one. Since then, I've been closet cosplaying as random characters. Wow, this bio is boring... =w=

Contact Information

lil_anna25@hotmail.com [MSN and Email]
Hikari-chan [Anime League]
KuroNeko25 [Cosplay.com]


Anime / Manga / Taekwondo / Martial Arts / Yoyo / Sleeping / Kawaii stuff / Sweets / Ice cream / Cake / Sleeping