Personal Information

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Name : Lance
Location : Retford
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 18th February 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

hi! im lance, but alot of my cosplay buddies call me Kiba due to the fact i went to last MCM expo in october and as my first costume i was cosplaying Kiba inuzuka from the anime naruto but feel free to call me whatever. well i suppose i could rant on allll day about myself >.> actually thats a lie i couldnt really >.< but anyway im an anime and manga freak especially a narutard! well i used to live in devon but about a year ago i moved to Retford which is in nottinghamshire although ive got college mates i dont really seem to know anybody around here that cosplays so im always up for meeting new cosplayers locally and doing some photoshoots or what not ^^ im happy to maeet anyone near south yorkshire, west lincolnshire and north nottinghamshire so if you live near there please feel free to talk to meee! anyways thats it for naowww i shall contiune to attempt to take over the world with my kitty =^.^=

Cosplay Bio

well now then cosplays if you read above i like naruto alot so at the moment i have Kiba inuzuka which is 100% compleate, next i have Deidara who is probaly my favorite chrecter thats 100% compleate also. now my second favoriet anime must be bleach so i have also got the costume of my favorite chrecter which is Hisagi Shuuhei at the moment its probaly only about 80% compleate as i still dont have the blue make up and i have fininshed making my shikai. oh also for the drunken nights at the Expos i have the legendary bannana man!! hehe ^^ but thats it for now.

Contact Information

well im on facebook, my name is obviously Lance Cooling so feel free to addme and talk about coaplys ect.
my msn is: cooling12345@hotmail.co.uk so once again add me if you like ^^
my ps3 network is: IIICOOLINGIII so add me there too if you want.


ermm well i work weekends and college four days a week so i only get one day off on most weeks but otherwise it'd obviously be cosplaying / watching anime / reading manga playing ps3.