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Name : Tepshie
Website :
Location : Chester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th September 1991
Age : 23

Personal Bio

~(✿ ◕ ヮ◕)~

> Steph/Tepshie/Daughter/Stan/Sir Derp-a-lot
> Cosplayer/Doodler
> Loves wigs like no 20 year old girl should
> Studying Illustration with Animation at MMU♥
> Likes: Owls, wigs, sleep
> Dislikes: Itchy wigs, unproductive days, feeling constantly tired
> Drinks a bit too much tea
> Is a bit of a derp. Like, pretty much all the time. Herpderp c:
> Overuses emotes to a punctuation-like degree;;
> Is trying to cut down on emote usage... And failing orz;;
> Most likely needs sleep right now orz;

(@)v(@) <(feelin' owlsome!!)

Cosplay Bio

Started out in 2008 after returning from an inspiring visit to Midlands MCM Expo, and basically yelling at all my friends THIS IS AWESOME AND WE NEED TO DO THIS.

My first cosplay was Organization XIII Roxas - the coat was bought, the wig was the wrong colour (and probably a bad choice for a first wig to style myself orz;; ), but all the same I completely loved it. After that, we were hooked. And so, our wallets were never to see money again.

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Übern00brigade's London Expo Videos!!: Watch them for funtimes 8D

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Cosplay / Illustration / Tumblr / Facebook spamming / Wigs / Sleep / Tea / Owls / Expo / My bros♥♥♥