Personal Information

Name : James
Location : Rayleigh, Essex
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 22nd January 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Im currently a small time cosplay who is getting more and more involved with the community and meeting more great people! With ever increasing craftmanship skills (if only my textiles teacher could see me now!) my costumes are becoming bigger and better and are a long shot away from my very first ones which we're either bought or pieced togeather the day before!

Cosplay Bio

My interest in cosplay starting when I went to my first MCM Expo in May 2007, I sort of knew what cosplay was but only in the few days before had I looked into it, I took so many pictures and loved every second of it! During the October MCM Expo 2007 I did my first cosplay, simple but fun wiht my friend Jordon, Rude and Reno from FF7 : Advent Children, it was increadibly fun and since then I've done 2 others which we're mainly bought with a tiny bit of modding. I'm currently working on a giant tetris piece and a dream cosplay of Otacon (MGS4 Style)

My proudest moment was at MCM when I had my Blood Ravens flag and in the early entry que people kept shouting 'FOR THE EMPEROR' and such at me!

My greatest achievement is when I was in my Naruto 6th Hokage cosplay and a young lady came up to me with a kid no older then 10 cosplaying as Naruto and asked me for a picture with him, the smile on his face was absolutely beaming! I later found the person on the MCM forums after posting about post con stuff and the woman told me that it had made her nephews day!

Contact Information <--- Contantly check this e-mail. <--- MSN only, never check the e-mail. Please say your from here otherwise I accept adds.